The Funniest Palin/Trump Tweets

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The Funniest Palin/Trump Tweets

So far 2016 is resembling the worst plot twists in Game of Thrones — all of the good guys are dying and all of the bad guys are teaming up. The future became dumber and bleaker when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President earlier this week, although it didn’t necessarily come as a surprise. Then Sarah Palin found a way to stay in the headlines beyond that when she somehow, with a straight face, blamed Obama for her son Track’s PTSD and arrest for domestic violence. Sarah Palin back in the spotlight is the kind of aggressive dumbness that makes you throw your arms up in bewilderment, but thankfully, the godless heathen liberal comedians of Twitter have made it worthwhile in some way with their hilarious jokes about the situation. We collected our favorites in this gallery, pulling from: