The Funniest RNC Tweets from Night Four

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The Funniest RNC Tweets from Night Four

And finally the RNC is over, but not until Trump made us sit through the most interminable speech ever. Get used to that: similar speeches will probably be pumped into every room in every home in America every morning if this guy becomes president.

The big guns on the RNC’s last night were Peter Thiel and Ivanka Trump. Thiel is the Silicon Valley billionaire who thinks women’s suffrage ruined democracy, wanted to build an island country unburdened by US law, and also funded Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit that forced Nick Denton to have to auction off Gawker. Ivanka Trump, of course, is Donald’s daughter, who gave a speech that was just reasonable and compassionate enough to bear absolutely no resemblance to anything in the Republican platform or in her father’s speeches. Along the way we had cameos from Jon Voight and Jerry Falwell’s son and a Larry the Cable Guy quote, and of course countless chants to lock Hillary Clinton up and build a wall on the Mexican border. Just a typical Thursday night at a Republican National Convention in 2016.

The only way to stay sane watching this drivel was to stay drunk and stay on Twitter, where the sharpest and best minds in comedy today responded the only way that was appropriate: by savaging the entire sick, sad display. Here are our favorite tweets from tonight’s sorry exhibition, from the usual suspects.