The Funniest Tweets About the First #DemDebate of 2016

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The Funniest Tweets About the First #DemDebate of 2016

The Democratic Debates are an open joke this election. There are very few of them, with only six actual debates on the schedule, half of the Republican Party’s total. They’re scheduled against hugely popular programs (like the NFL playoffs) or on nights that historically have low television viewership. Many people think the Democratic National Committee set up such a light schedule to protect Hillary Clinton and minimize national exposure for Bernie Sanders and his populist message against inequality. Granted the Republicans have far more candidates, and thus might need more debates, but this light schedule still makes the Democrats look a little soft, like they’re lacking confidence in their possible nominees.

If they are lacking confidence, the jokes on Twitter during last night’s first Democratic debate of 2016 probably didn’t make them feel any better. There were some pretty good digs at both candidates last night, beyond the predictable old person jokes about Clinton and Sanders (and the constant “who is this guy?” swipes at distant third-place poller Martin O’Malley). And for some reason YouTube was an official sponsor, because it’s 2016 and I guess every politician has to grit their teeth while pandering to every new media source that “the kids” rely on, so expect some good YouTube cracks. Here’s a round-up of some of the funniest, courtesy of the following: