Watch Cartoon Hillary Clinton Make Her First Late Show Appearance, Answer Questions About Emails and Tim Kaine

Comedy Video The Late Show
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With the Democratic National Convention underway, Hillary Clinton declared the nominee and the party as divided as ever, Stephen Colbert invited Clinton to The Late Show to talk about the real Hillary … which, of course, is a two-dimensional character in a blue pantsuit.

The Late Show is being aired live this week after coverage of the DNC, so Colbert cut right to the chase, asking if the new email scandal has ruined the convention for her. “That is a beautiful question,” Cartoon Clinton assessed. “And it makes me very happy that you asked it of me. It is true that this week didn’t start exactly as we planned it—since 1998—but I think everyone agrees now is the time for us all to come together in unity, or harmony, or solidarity, or whatever synonym resonates more strongly with you,” she finished as she discreetly pulled out her phone and deleted a few emails.

Clinton further showed us how real she is by pulling out a harmonica and playing a little cover of “Low Rider,” taught to her, of course, by her runningmate Tim Kaine, harmonica aficionado. She says Kaine also passed on some his Spanish skills to her: she can say “hola,” “muchas gracias” and “donde está mi esposo Bill Clinton?” That last one, she says, she’s had to learn in 14 languages.

Watch the full clip above to see the “real” Hillary in all her animated glory.