The Latest Insane Adult Swim Thing: MOPZ, A Sped-Up B-Movie About a Killer Janitor Robot

Comedy Video
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It should come as no surprise that Adult Swim has put out a crazy new bit of programming, but even by that standard, MOPZ is way, way over the top.

Directed by Todd Rohal, MOPZ takes the form of a fast-forwarded, early ‘90s, Canadian, made-for-TV B-movie. “Commercials” are left intact (and include such delights as “blowout underpants sale” and “Wig Land”), the fast-forwarding makes every character sound like a goddamn chattering chipmunk, and the gags are absolutely ridiculous.

Somehow, miraculously, the actual plot of the movie can be discerned through the chaos. Basically, there’s a lazy school janitor who’s in love with one of the teachers, and who, after being yelled at by the mean principal one too many times, builds a robot to do his job for him. Unsurprisingly, the robot goes batshit crazy and starts murdering people.

The most astounding thing about MOPZ, though, is the fact that Rohal had to shoot what would seem to be at least a half-hour film if played at regular speed, if not longer—all for the sake of an 11-minute gag short. Bask in the insanity above.