Listen to an Exclusive Preview of the New Sklar Brothers Album

Comedy Features The Sklars
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Listen to an Exclusive Preview of the New Sklar Brothers Album

Hipster Ghosts, the latest comedy album from Randy and Jason Sklar, comes out on Audible tomorrow. Until then you can tide yourself over with this exclusive preview, where the twin brothers discuss their undying love for TNT’s NBA broadcast team of Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. The love of Shaq is real and understandable, and Barkley has been as famous for his personality as his court skills pretty much since he was still in college. They are, essentially, two weird and lovable dudes, and now two other weird dudes in the Sklars (I’ll let their family and partners discuss how lovable they may or may not be) have etched their admiration for them down in the inviolable, indestructible form of a streaming comedy album. (If it sounds familiar this album is actually the audio version of their most recent Starz special, so, y’know, there’s also a visual element to this out there somewhere.) Take a listen.

The Sklars, of course, are no stranger to sports. They are sports fans. Maybe even sportsmen? They used to have their own ESPN show, Cheap Seats, which was like MST3K for weird old sports clips, and are regular guests on Jim Rome’s various TV and radio shows. They even did a SportsCenter. A couple of sporty buds, these Sklars. Hipster Ghosts is not entirely about sports, so don’t worry if the thought of that bums you out, but there’s a certain spark to their sports comedy that really makes it stand out. We haven’t heard all of Hipster Ghosts, but this clip is the best of what we have heard. Of course maybe we’re a little bit biased—we, too, are huge fans of Shaq and admirers of Barkley. Sometimes you hear stories about people running into them in Atlanta, the city where Paste lives. They are usually good stories, or at least more interesting than the typical stories our friends tell.

Hipster Ghosts will be available on Audible tomorrow, May 4. Audible’s gone hard into the Sklars business—the two also have a six-hour Audible documentary series, Sklars & Stripes, about their travels throughout America while on tour, and that comes with another stand-up album called The Tour Tapes. Here’s the Audible page for Sklars & Stripes, if you want to check it out. And hey, here’s the cover to the Hipster Ghosts album, just for the heck of it.

sklars hipster ghosts inset.jpg