The Funniest Tweets about The Young Pope

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The Funniest Tweets about <i>The Young Pope</i>

it is a difficult task but a necessary task and a task that falls to us: deciding which tweets about The Young Pope are the best tweets about The Young Pope. True, this list amounts to barely the tip of the iceberg of content this show, which premieres on HBO on Sunday, will unleash. Having already consumed the entire season like a bag of exotically flavored Kettle chips, we are prepared to say definitively that The Young Pope is whack as whack gets. Frankly the Young Pope himself is hardly the silliest thing about it: There’s also a kangaroo which he befriends for some reason. At one point he literally drops a baby. In the latter half of the season, as the sun sets both literally and metaphorically, he gazes at a passing airliner and asks, “Where do they go, the planes we never take?” After a moment, he answers himself: “I think they go to places we’ve never been.” It really is… something. Let us look forward to ten weeks of commentary by these fine cultural critics: