These Students Pranking Their Teacher Was The Best Thing to Happen on April Fools' Day

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April Fools’ Day usually sucks. More often than not, pranks either cross that line from funny to inappropriate (like when, with the help of a bottle of ketchup, I convinced my mom I power-sawed part of my leg off when I was 12), or they’re incredibly lame. Sometimes, though, they find that perfect balance of lighthearted humor, terror and, crucially, embarrassment, reminding us why April Fools’ Day is and always will be one building blocks of the American holiday season.

This is one of those perfect pranks.

Back on the first of the month classroom full of students took advantage of their teacher’s policy that any phone that rings in class must be answered on speakerphone. I guess it’s meant to make sure students have their phones set to vibrate, but it also seems kind of creepy and invasive. Anyway, just watch the video.

(via Gawker)