Adult Swim Announces Three Busy Debras Season 2 Premiere Date, Shares First Look Video

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Adult Swim Announces <i>Three Busy Debras</i> Season 2 Premiere Date, Shares First Look Video

When the world feels a little absurd, why not lean into it? You’ll have the chance to embrace the surreal when Three Busy Debras returns to Adult Swim with a second series at midnight the evening of April 24.

In case you missed the bizarre comedy the first time around, the 12-minute episodes of Three Busy Debras follow the titular trio as they swan around the idyllic, Stepford-like community of Lemoncurd. The series was created by and stars comedians Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari, and Alyssa Stonoha as Debra, Debra, and Debra. The first season saw the Debras brunching, killing a pool boy, auditioning for Cartwheel Club, and doing all those other very normal WASPy activities.

Adult Swim has shared a hilarious first glimpse at the second season, where the Debras have to contend with a milk drought (“Honey, don’t talk to me til I’ve had my morning white!” Jouhari’s Debra jokes). The show looks like it’ll be just as uncanny and hilarious as it was the first time around.

Three Busy Debras’ executive producers include the three co-stars and co-creators, as well as Amy Poehler and Kim Lessing of Paper Kite Productions. Alive and Kicking, Inc produced the show. The first and second season of Three Busy Debras will be available on HBO Max.

Watch the first look at the new season of Three Busy Debras below, and check out our review of the first season and our interview with the stars while you’re at it.