Adult Swim Orders Three Busy Debras, a Pilot from Three Busy Debras (and Amy Poehler)

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Adult Swim Orders <i>Three Busy Debras</i>, a Pilot from Three Busy Debras (and Amy Poehler)

Three Busy Debras, comedy’s busiest Debras, just got a pilot order from Adult Swim. Per Deadline, the live-action half-hour will be executive produced by Amy Poehler, Anna Dokoza and the Debras, alternately known as Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari and Alyssa Stonoha, who will also star. Dokoza, whose producer or executive producer credits include Baskets, Lady Dynamite, Divorce and Insecure will direct.

The pilot, auspiciously titled Three Busy Debras, is “an absurdist comedy that follows three disturbed housewives (played by Honig, Jouhari and Stonoha), and their fellow residents of an affluent Connecticut suburb that exists outside of reality as we know it,” according to that press release. Disturbed housewives? Outside of reality? Fellow residents? Sign me up!

Having seen the Debras live on a number of occasions—including one show that featured the most hideous, marvelous 9/11 joke I’ve ever seen—I feel reasonably comfortably saying this is very good news. Honig, Jouhari and Stonoha have the sort of fresh voices sorely needed in the current comedy landscape—sharply satirical, visually imaginative and just kinda totally off the rails. Like Joe Pera, whose 15-minute series debuts later this month, they’ll be right at home on Adult Swim. I’m excited to see what they do.