Tig Notaro's Animated Stand-up Special Gets a Trailer and Release Date

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Tig Notaro's Animated Stand-up Special Gets a Trailer and Release Date

Remember that fully animated Tig Notaro stand-up special that was announced back in May? Well, it’s now got a release date, and, better yet, a trailer. Tig Notaro: Drawn will debut on HBO on Saturday, July 24, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and will also be available for streaming on HBO Max. And if you’re wondering what an animated stand-up special will look like, well, based on the trailer, it’ll look like a dozen or so different animation styles, from 2D hand-drawn, to Pixar-style computer animation, to something that even tries to look like stop-motion or Claymation.

Obviously any new Tig Notaro stand-up is worth getting excited over, but as a lifelong fan of animation who grew up on Liquid Television and used to go see things like Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation in the theater when I was a kid, this pile-up of different animation styles, aesthetics and techniques is beyond exciting. And then apply that to stand-up by one of the best comics in the biz—who’s hot off her appearance as some kind of badass zombie fighter in a Zack Snyder movie—and, well, you’ve got the potential for some one-of-a-kind pop culture magic, or something. I know that sounds ridiculous, but c’mon: we should be allowed to get excited sometimes.

As revealed back in May, the animation is by Six Point Harness, the team behind the Oscar-winning “Hair Love” and Adult Swim’s Lazer Wulf. You might’ve also seen their work in Guava Island (with Donald Glover and Rihanna) and the Netflix series Waffles + Mochi, which starred—oh yeah—Michelle Obama. So Tig’s in good company working with Six Point.

Check out that trailer above and mark down July 24 for the premiere of what looks like a very memorable hour-long comedy special.