Watch the First Trailer for Tim Heidecker's Mister America

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Watch the First Trailer for Tim Heidecker's <i>Mister America</i>

If you’re a fan of Tim Heidecker’s quirky sense of comedy, you’ll probably appreciate his new foray into the political realm. Distributed by Magnolia Pictures, Mister America, Heidecker’s new political satire set within the same world as his On Cinema series, will be having one-night-only screenings nationwide on Oct. 9. The screenings will also feature a Q&A with Heidecker and his co-writer and co-star Gregg Turkington.

The film follows the On Cinema version of Heidecker along a disastrous campaign for San Bernardino District Attorney. His antics and irrational behavior on the campaign trail are interspersed with civilian commentary on his incompetence. The surreal absurdism Heidecker is known for doesn’t feel that far off from the real-life doings of politicians, but if you can shake off the nagging feeling that Mister America hits too close to home, you’re likely to be in for some laughs.

Mister America also stars Terri Parks. Director Eric Notarnicola co-wrote the screenplay alongside Heidecker and Turkington.

You can catch a preview of Heidecker’s antics in the trailer below, see the film’s poster further down and find a Mister America screening near you here.


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