Listen to Tim Heidecker's New Song, "Ballad of The Incel Man"

All proceeds will go toward benefitting HIAS

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Listen to Tim Heidecker's New Song, "Ballad of The Incel Man"

Tim Heidecker released a new song, “Ballad of The Incel Man,” on Sunday morning. Heidecker has stated that all proceeds will go toward HIAS, the refugee assistance organization that was the target of hateful rhtetoric by the Pittsburgh synagogue gunman.

Heidecker is perhaps our closest analogue to Randy Newman—there are not many other artists currently working who truly excel in bringing well-rendered satire to mainstream audiences. Sure, late-night hosts can sling cheap potshots at Trump and his degenerates, but they’re background noise to his fans, there with the doctors and scientists and legal experts and all the other “haters and losers.” Heidecker first made his foray into protest songs with last year’s Too Dumb for Suicide, and today’s new song joins that legacy. Trump fans likely grew up watching Heidecker’s surrealist Adult Swim comedies and felt that he would never dip into political territory, that he was one of the “good ones.” Which makes his recent Trump-bashing, and especially this track, more biting—that they didn’t expect it from him.

It’s a good song, a wholly Newman-esque piano ballad, and it’s funny, with it’s refrain of “I hope I’ll find a like-minded girl / tonight at the Trump rally.” It’s well-written and well thought-out, mostly avoiding cheap takes, aside from the song title. Sometimes, nothing helps. The cruelty of Trump and his administration seems to crush everything under its own weight. Sometimes, comedy helps. Comedy crossed with charity certainly feels like it would.

But the cult of Trump fanboys have no ability to laugh at themselves, just like their Dear Leader. The intention of satire is lost on them. The video is already amassing dislikes on YouTube, and will probably continue to do so. Heidecker has become just another liberal hater to them, someone to vilify and dismiss from their insular internet world. The only thing we can hope for is that they’ll hate-watch the video and help boost the money the HIAS receives, unknowingly doing something positive with their lives.

Hear “Ballad of The Incel Man” below or buy the track on Bandcamp here. You can support HIAS directly here.

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