Watch Tim Robinson and Seth Meyers Talk "Coffin Flop" on Late Night

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Watch Tim Robinson and Seth Meyers Talk "Coffin Flop" on <i>Late Night</i>

Since Paste has been Tim Robinson central lately, we figured we’d let y’all know about his recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The star of I Think You Should Leave obviously has a history with Meyers—they were on SNL together, and Robinson played a recurring character early in Meyers’ Late Night run—and that relationship gives this interview a really casual, intimate feel. It’s a couple of old friends talking about the amazing comedy one of them creates, with stories about the making of I Think You Should Leave’s amazing “Coffin Flop” sketch, about a Robinson-written SNL sketch that supposedly could have endangered the entire ecosystem of New York City, and more. If you’re a Robinson deep diver it’s worth a watch, in-between fifth or sixth run through I Think You Should Leave.

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