Watch Tina Fey and Ratchel Dratch's Rarely Seen '90s Comedy Show

Comedy Video Tina Fey
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Back in 1999, before Tina Fey was Liz Lemon or Rachel Dratch was Debbie Downer, the two comedians put together a stage show called Dratch & Fey, performed live at Chicago’s Second City and New York’s UCB Theatre. Since then, the celebrated two-woman act has entered comedy lore, passed around as a fuzzy VHS tape and earning more than one allusion to Fey’s sketch show roots on 30 Rock.

Luckily for us, this week someone finally made Dratch & Fey available online, uploading all 47 minutes of the legendary performance to YouTube. You can check it above, but you’d better do it soon, because we’re not totally sure about the copyright laws on unlicensed, 15-year-old stage performances of In the Air Tonight.