Trevor Noah Announces New Stand-up Special I Wish You Would

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Trevor Noah Announces New Stand-up Special <i>I Wish You Would</i>

Less than a month after revealing his departure from The Daily Show, South African comedian Trevor Noah is announcing his third Netflix stand-up special, I Wish You Would, out on November 22. The hour promises to cover Noah’s “revelations about learning to speak German, modern communication, and his love for curry,” as per a press release. I Wish You Would was filmed at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada and directed by Noah’s longtime collaborator David Paul Meyer.

We here at Paste have not been big fans of Noah’s bothsidesism during his tenure on The Daily Show. Comedy editor Garrett Martin (no relation) skewered Noah’s jokes about Antifa as not “just hackneyed” but “actively bad for society.” Woof.

But who knows, maybe he improves in a more conventional stand-up setting (not that we’re holding our breath)? Noah’s previous Netflix specials include Son of Patricia and Afraid of the Dark. And hey, the guy got a Best Comedy Album Grammy nomination for Son of Patricia—but considering the Grammys’ recent track history with comedy (see: Louis C.K.’s Grammy win this year), they’re not exactly the best judges.

If the special does suck, I’m dibsing the headline, “Hey Trevor Noah, I Wish You Would Not.”