Video: An Internet Genius Has Identified True Detective's Yellow King

Comedy Video True Detective
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I know I said that yesterday’s post would be my final foray into True Detective conspiracy scholarship, but I just watched a YouTube video that is so convincing, so obsessively researched, and so brilliantly incisive that I had to share it. Most theories about the HBO drama are, to some degree, questionable. Even the ones with a staggering amount of supporting evidence may leave us with an ambiguous feeling. After all, it’s impossible to know what writer Nic Pizzolatto really has in store, right? There’s always space for more debate.

But this is not one of those theories. After you watch this video, you’ll leave with total assurance that YouTube user “Big Meeting” has uncovered the whole, unvarnished truth. It’s just such a compelling argument that there’s no room for even a speck of doubt.

And the really crazy thing? It’s so obvious! If you’re like me, your first thought will be, “how did I miss this??” So I guess what I’m saying is, watch it at your peril. And if you haven’t seen every episode yet, know that there are spoilers.