Fans Would Like More Episodes of Tuca & Bertie, Thank You Very Much

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Fans Would Like More Episodes of <i>Tuca & Bertie</i>, Thank You Very Much

Fans of the animated series Tuca & Bertie were dismayed last week to find Netflix had clipped the animated comedy before it had time to stretch its wings. But supporters aren’t letting the show go quietly. Monday, Tuca & Bertie creator Lisa Hanawalt tweeted her support for a fan-created push asking Netflix to renew the critically acclaimed series for a second season.

The site’s mission statement captures much of what made Tuca & Bertie one of our favorite shows of 2019:

Excited by fun, witty animation from woman creators? Giddy with delight over a cartoon that features Ali Wong & Tiffany Haddish and an entire cast of people you love? Upset that Netflix decided not to renew an amazing show after only having it on the platform for a few months, and seemingly not doing a great job marketing it to people who would love it? Are you also shocked that an animated show with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes wasn’t renewed for a second season?

More than 17,000 Tuca & Bertie fanatics—Tucanatics?—have signed the petition as of this writing, and the movement appears to be gathering steam. Add your voice to the ranks here; it couldn’t hurt, and summer 2020 would sorely lack without this stellar series.