The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

On the day I got my braces off a group of angry protesters took over the lobby of the building that housed my orthodontist’s office. They weren’t mad at Dr. Timothy Shaughnessy, DDS; they were protesting whatever latest bit of idiocy my duly elected Congressional representative had performed during his duties as the Speaker of the House. That dude’s name was Newt Gingrich; his office was in the same building as my orthodontist, and this story is only germane insofar as the first tweet in the batch below is probably my favorite of the week. It speaks to me personally, you see. I’d like to think that sometime tomorrow Dr. Shaughnessy, on a break from stripping metal off the teeth of young people, will pull out his phone and see this article shared upon his Facebook page, and remember those terrible days when his professional neighbor was also doing a pretty good job of wrecking this here country.

Hey, here are some tweets.

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