This Twitter Thread Perfectly Pairs Dril Tweets with Twin Peaks Characters

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This Twitter Thread Perfectly Pairs Dril Tweets with <i>Twin Peaks</i> Characters

If ever there was a Twitter account that could truly be described as Lynchian, it’s Dril. The account’s tweets are both incoherent and philosophical, hysterical and unsettling, like the best of David Lynch’s work. It’s frankly shocking that nobody had thought to combine the two until this week.

Twitter user @Lynchsplaining crafted the perfect thread on Wednesday, expertly pairing Twin Peaks characters with Dril tweets. The result is a pristine reflection of the two auteurs’ parallel sensibilities that has made this writer howl with laughter in Paste’s office for the past 20 minutes.

The combination is so perfect it’s almost staggering. Look at this pair, which hits perfectly at Special Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne’s massive egos:

Or this exact pinpointing of Dr. Jacoby’s insecurities:

You can almost hear Lynch reading this tweet as Gordon Cole in between screams of “What?”:

This one makes us feel like Dril had direct access to Killer BOB's character notes in the official script:

The whole thread is too good to spoil everything. For any fan of either Twin Peaks or Dril, it’s a must-read. Check out the full thread below.