The Funniest Tweets About This Goddamned Nightmarish Hamilton Saga

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The Funniest Tweets About This Goddamned Nightmarish <i>Hamilton</i> Saga

There are many terrible things happening right now and some are worse than others and they are all, I think, maybe, still worthy of our attention and outrage and scrutiny and pants-shitting bafflement. That an incoming president should angrily rebuke the free expression of speech is maybe, perhaps, let us venture, just as worrisome as that same loggerheaded codpiece’s $25 million settlement of fraud charges, his nomination of a milk-livered bigoted pignut to the nation’s highest law enforcement agency, his immediate and blatant erection of the gears and levers of kleptocracy. Can we be upset about one without losing sight of the others? Yes. Should we? Also yes. May we also, in the midst of our anger and fear, take a moment or two to laugh, or at least scoff, or at least chuckle nervously, mournfully, before stepping out into the future? A third, timider, yes. Here, then, are the funniest remarks on this whole Hamilton thing from the following tweeters: