The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

2016 is over, long live 2016. Jkjk, f*ck that nightmare-ass year. There may be a whispery voice in the back of your skull, as there is in ours, muttering that the laws of thermodynamics hold that the future will only be more chaotic than the past. To that we say: yes, probably. But 2017 also holds many, at least two, things to look forward to. For instance: the HBO original series The Young Pope, the Nintendo Switch, it not being an El Niño year, maybe some new books by your favorite authors, Clickhole, a new season of Rick and Morty, surely some great new memes, perhaps the discoveries of two or even three new species of finch, celebrities not dying, and who knows how many iOS updates. Wow! And finally, of course, we can look forward to a whole year of tweets by these folks: