The Funniest New United Airlines Mottos on Twitter

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The Funniest New United Airlines Mottos on Twitter

Look, there’s nothing funny about what happened on that United flight on Sunday. It’s another unfiltered glimpse into the almost dystopian society we’ve created, where corporations feel like they can get away with almost anything, and where the law usually allows them to. The footage from that flight is brutal and depressing, but sometimes the only way to handle that which is brutal and depressing is through comedy. Twitter has leaned hard into that tack, overflowing for two days now with tweets about the incident, from the sincere to the darkly comic to the purely absurd. Late last night the #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos hashtag started to pick up steam, and it’s been a solid source of grim laughs for most of today. Here are some of the best, from the scathing to the silly.

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