The Funniest #VPDebate Tweets

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The Funniest #VPDebate Tweets

Last night the two candidates for vice president sat down in front of the television cameras and had themselves a debate. If you like to watch middle-aged white guys fake act like old friends before insulting each other through gritted teeth for 90 minutes, it was probably the television event of the year. Opinion might be split on who “won”—was Kaine too rude and interrupt-y with his facts? Was Pence reassuring and presidential in his ability to lie so calmly and so baldly?—but one thing we know for sure is that these here tweets are some dang old jokes about the whole dumb biz. Let’s reconnect with our old internet friends as they puncture the prestige and solemnity that surrounded this hate-grinned argument between two human sedatives who hardly anybody had ever heard of four months ago. Those friends include such sterling wits as: