WandaVision's Time-Hopping TV Nostalgia Takes Over The Tonight Show with FallonVision

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<i>WandaVision</i>'s Time-Hopping TV Nostalgia Takes Over <i>The Tonight Show</i> with <i>FallonVision</i>

So what happens when Elizabeth Olsen, the star of Disney+’s space time continuum-defying sitcom homage WandaVision, goes on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? Well, the show suddenly becomes a callback to the Jack Paar era, of course. And, uh, every era of TV since.

Olsen appeared on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show in advance of this Friday’s WandaVision season finale, in a sketch that applied that show’s concept to Fallon’s own show. From the ‘60s to today, The Tonight Show rushes through the decades, giving us a sense of what Fallon’s take on the show would look like throughout history. Along the way Olsen and Fallon build on a slowly unfolding story about the talk show host’s desire to relive the pre-pandemic era, even if that means reaching back to a time before Fallon actually had his own talk show.

Is this funny? That’s for you to decide. They probably could’ve made more of an effort to capture the specific look and feel of each era, from the heights of the Johnny Carson years, to Letterman’s critically acclaimed NBC run of the ‘80s. Still, fans of WandaVision might dig the synergy, and Fallon fans will no doubt enjoy the kaleidoscopic glimpse of his show throughout the ages. Check out the full segment below.