Watch a Kid Holding a Dixie Cup Recite All the Bad Words He Knows

Comedy Video
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Bad words are fun, especially when you’re a kid. They slip from your parents’ mouths from time to time—or depending on the household, all the time—but say them yourself and you run the risk of getting a bar of soap shoved in your mouth. (Although, has anyone really had their mouth washed out with soap before?)

It’s not surprising then, that this timid blonde boy seems a little hesitant to let loose after his father sits him down on a couch and asks him to recite all of the bad words he knows. The dinosaur-t-shirt-wearing youngster starts off strong with “crap” and “shut up,” but quickly gets hung up on “butt,” running through every possibility from “butt crack” to “butt nut” to “butt teeth” to “butt crack” one more time. Thankfully he redeems himself at the end with an emphatic “shit,” causing us to wonder whether he was holding back the entire time for fear his parents were setting a trap for him, or if actually was struggling to come up with swear words. Either way, it’s hilarious.

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