Watch John Oliver Expose the Ludicrousness of Daylight Saving Time

Comedy Video
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If you’re still groggily wondering how to change the clock on your microwave, then you’ll likely appreciate this. We’ve all been dealing with the far less fun form of Daylight Saving Time— the “Spring Forward” edition—for about a day now. John Oliver is not having it, however, as he pointed out its pointlessness in his “How Is This Still A Thing?” segment on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight.

The segment dispelled the common misconception that we make this effort to save daylight because of a practice put in place by farmers many years ago. Turns out that’s not true at all because, as the narrator states, cows are idiots who don’t care what time it is. Daylight Saving Time was actually created by the Germans in World War I as a fuel-saving measure.

What’s even more aggravating to those who feel they’re being robbed a precious hour of sleep is that Daylight Saving Time’s most notable effects are higher percentages of car accidents, work-related injuries and ironically, even energy consumption in the week following the clock jump.