Watch: John Oliver Invites You to Join Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption (For a Small Fee)

Comedy Video
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Last night, John Oliver restored our faith in the late-night faux news show in this uncertain post-Stewart era. In a long Last Week Tonight segment, Oliver tackled swindling TV evangelists like Creflo Dollar and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, who claim that viewers who donate $1,000 to their church will be met with extreme prosperity and even physical healing. These televangelists then use the donations to commit good Christians acts, like buying luxury jets. Oliver, outraged by the fraud these supposed religious organizations are getting away with, decided to test out his own pyramid scheme by creating his own church (which happens to congregate in his studio), Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption. Alongside with Televangelist wife Wanda Jo Oliver (who happens to look a lot like Rachel Dratch), Oliver invites you, viewer, to lower your head in prayer to “silently meditate on the nature of fraudulent churches.” He also, invites you, of course, to send in a dollar or too. Make sure to call his church hotline 1-800-THIS-IS-LEGAL (1-800-844-7475), you won’t regret it.