Watch Jonah Hill and Jimmy Fallon Try to Draw a Nude Model

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Jimmy Fallon is widely regarded for reshaping The Tonight Show into a platform for bringing educational segments into the homes of viewers. Just last night, he and guest Jonah Hill visited the Art Students League in New York to take some lessons in drawing still-life, portraits and the nude human form, about which they were obviously very mature.

Still-life being the first lesson, the art teacher instructed Fallon and Hill to use charcoal to draw an interpretation of the scene set before them: an overflowing bowl of fruit—and, as Hill pointed out, a “hard, uncooked artichoke,” which he doesn’t personally include in most fruit platters he puts out. Fallon said that he could not take his focus from the banana in the center of the spread.

Fallon’s drawing turned out quite well, and he deemed it “Extreme Artichoke.”

“A great beginning,” noted the art teacher, who seemed truly unperturbed by the jokes tossed between Fallon and Hill. She let them move on to the next lesson, which involved a live model whom she introduced as Patrick. “He will be modeling nude,” she prepared the former SNL star and actor known for his unruly crude humor.

After having an absolute fit giggling, Hill said, “grow up, Jimmy,” and the men began drawing the bearded model as he assumed several positions.

Hill joked that the man was his father, and that he’s only ever said seven words to him: “Draw your handsome father before I die.”

To finish the day at the Art Students League, the teacher instructed Fallon and Hill to draw portraits of one another. Both pictures had a lot of personality, with Fallon’s drawing of Hill being a fun minimalist take and Hill’s drawing of Fallon ending up a highly detailed nude portrait.

“Why?” asked Fallon.

“That’s just how we do it in my family,” answered Hill. Watch the full lesson above.