Cosplay Princesses and Superheroes at San Diego Comic-Con

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Disney may be slowly retreating from the battle theater of San Diego Comic-Con, declining Marvel mega-panels within cavernous Hall H. But that doesn’t mean the corporation’s most classic creations weren’t dancing, lilting and curtsying through the pavilions of the United States’ largest entertainment convention. This year, cosplay standbys like Deadpool, Spider-Man, Thor and Harley Quinn mingled with Cinderella, Snow White, Anna and Aurora. Indeed, the tiara is the new mask.

Though many of these cosplayers stuck to the classic incarnations of their favorite animated royalty, many added badass slants to mirror the surge of super-heroine empowerment seen in comic publishers like BOOM! (Lumberjanes), DC (Batgirl) and, appropriately, Marvel (A-Force). One very pierced and tatted Snow White wielded a pick-axe and mechanics shirt, letting everyone know that she sure as hell didn’t care whether a prince came or not. A zombie Tinkerbell (yes, we know she’s not technically a princess) struck a defiant, blood-stained pose, raising the question whether “never growing up” meant zombification by an adorable wraith in a tattered dress.

Ractchet_Zombie Tinkerbell.jpg

Other cosplay highlights included minimal-yet-clever homages to video game icons like Ness and Little Mac and ornate renditions of evergreen superheroes like Wonder Woman and Robin. (Just don’t get us started on the guy slathered in meticulous Battletoads makeup.)

Even if Paste only had one pair of photographic feet on the ground, there was a notable lack of indie characters. We caught The Morrigan exiting The Wicked + The Divine author Kieron Gillen’s signing, but we were expecting at least one Prince Robot IV, Earl Tubb, TIM-21 or Tyler Durden to round out the above gallery. Looks like Paste’s Comics Team has some sewing and stitching to do before next year…

In the meantime, here are the cosplayers that caught our eye at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.