Exclusive Preview: Ekho: New York Is Alternate Universe Bande Dessinée Splendor

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Since digital comics platform comiXology picked up American distribution of French publisher Delcourt last July, English-speaking audiences this side of the Atlantic have been able to experience some truly gorgeous and otherworldly work. This Wednesday, Ekho: New York offers a new entry into the Franco-Belgian (or Bande Dessinée) lexicon for new readers. A kinetic mix of Tintin creator Hergé’s escapism, the busy chaos of a Don Bluth ‘80s animated film and classic Flinstones dinosaur utility, Ekho: New York revolves around a pair of travelers shanghaied into a fantasy mirror of The Big Apple, where dragons replace airplanes and the Statue of Liberty isn’t quite human. Written by Christophe Arleston, who took home an Angouleme International Comics Festival Award in 2002 for Trolls of Troy, and illustrated with sassy verve by Alessandro Barbucci (Sky Doll), Ekho: New York looks equally fun and transportive. Check out an exclusive 9-page preview below.

Official Description:
In the middle of the flight, Fourmille is accosted by a strange creature who asks her if she accepts the inheritance of an aunt who disappeared 20 years ago. And after lightning strikes the 747, it is on a dragon’s back that she lands in a very different New York! Deep in a fantastic Manhattan, Fourmille discovers a completely offbeat world, populated by odd creatures, and where there is no electricity…