New Plot Details of G. Willow Wilson's Wonder Woman Run Revealed

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New Plot Details of G. Willow Wilson's <i>Wonder Woman</i> Run Revealed

Along with November solicitations come new details about G. Willow Wilson’s much-hyped Wonder Woman debut with issues #58 and #59. It was already revealed that Ares will be reintroduced to the series in her first arc, “The Just War,” but these solicitations reveal more about the role he may play and the themes Wilson wants to establish. There are heavy hints that Ares wants to change his ways and even looks at Wonder Woman as a role model.

Although the idea of a repentant villain isn’t new by any means, Wilson is a timely writer. In 2018, it’s hard not to compare these polar opposites to our political divisions. Ares is a character who loves violence and bloodshed—now he suddenly wants to put that in his past. Nowadays, there are plenty of powerful men trying to do the same when their sordid histories are brought to light, so Wilson’s take on how Wonder Woman would handle this situation is sure to be revelatory. Plus, it’ll be nice to see a woman writing Wonder Woman again.

It’s not often that a Muslim woman is put in charge of a major comic without seeing a lot of flack. Pleasantly, though, the fan reaction has been positive. Fans of Wilson flooded her Twitter replies on Monday when she announced that solicits for her first two issues were out. Several said they are reading the series for the first time thanks to Wilson, while others simply voiced their excitement for her return to DC Comics.

Not to be forgotten, though, is the art and cover team. Terry and Rachel Dodson will be in charge of main covers, with the stellar Jenny Frison still on variant covers for the series, and Cary Nord working on interiors. “The Just War” will be available beginning Nov. 14 when Wonder Woman #58 hits shelves, and continues Nov. 28 with Wonder Woman #59. To check out the solicitations themselves, as well as the cover for Wilson and Nord’s first issue, see the tweet below.