KFC's Colonel Sanders is the Newest Hero of a DC Comic

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KFC’s Colonel Harland Sanders is not your typical superhero, but he’s a hero in the same way that Guy Fieri is: he’s rescuing classic American foods for people to consume and enjoy.

DC Comics teamed up with KFC to release a comic titled KFC: The Colonel Corps celebrating Sanders and KFC’s line of chicken. In the comic, written by Tony Bedard and illustrated by Tom Derenick, the colonel defeats his evil doppelganger from Earth-3 to guarantee that people in the Multiverse will have fried chicken in the future.

The comic begins when Sanders forgets 10 of his 11 secret herbs and spices for his chicken recipe. He teams up with ten other colonels (one for each herb and spice), including Bizarro Colonel and Teen Colonel, a miniature colonel from Teen Titans Go, to defeat Colonel Sunder, the antagonist of the comic series who stole the secret recipe from the colonels’ memories.

Last year, the first Colonel-centric comic, titled The Colonel of Two Worlds, was created, telling Colonel Sanders’ origin story. Sanders also recently became a hero in an online video game and the voice of a GPS navigation system.

Read KFC: The Colonel Corps for free via Comixology.