The Best Cosplay of New York Comic Con, Part I

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The Best Cosplay of New York Comic Con, Part I

At Paste, we’ve seen a lot of cosplay. From the multi-media maelstrom of San Diego Comic-Con to last month’s PAX West , our reporters and editors have witnessed all manner of costume design from the most gloriously indie manga references to the small armies of Harley Quinns and Deadpools of late. (Kudos to whomever bought stock in Daddy’s Little Monster shirts and Louisville Sluggers before con season.)

But last weekend’s New York Comic Con had its own distinct flavor that transcended polyester and plastic. The cosplaying population may not match that of its competing cousin in southern California, but for those who do indulge, the innovation and ornamentation go above and beyond. One family dressed as Marvel’s most dysfunctional cosmic family: dad slathered on the chrome body paint as Silver Surfer, Mom shimmered in bronze as Nova, and the heralds stood in awe of their toddler son—Galactus in a onesie, playing with a knit planet earth toy. In all honesty, the toy is what made the trio really sing. One ambitious cosplayer wore a living statue of the grotesque Resident Evil 2 villain William Birkin with a synthetic head that does not look like a synthetic head. Bravo.

We also snuck a picture of the charity-raising, comic-starring pooch Piggy because…we love Piggy.

But a thousand of these words won’t match one of these pictures, so enjoy the gallery above, and check back tomorrow for more pictures of this year’s finest New York Comic Con cosplayers.