Win a Copy of Coda Vol. 1 from BOOM! Studios

The Discover Now Edition of Simon Spurrier & Matías Bergara's Fantasy Adventure Hits Shelves This Week

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Win a Copy of <i>Coda</i> Vol. 1 from BOOM! Studios

Simon Spurrier has an established track record with the strange and unusual, from The Spire to Cry Havoc to the recently launched The Dreaming, the crown jewel of DC Comics’ new Sandman Universe. In the pages of BOOM! Studios series Coda, Spurrier teams with Cannibal artist Matías Bergara for another strange adventure, this time a high-fantasy tale of the post-magic apocalypse—a glorious world of elves, bards and dragons laid to waste by a bizarre catastrophe. Spurrier and Bergara deliver a surreal mix of strange faces and places that blends the over-the-top fantasy aesthetics of Dungeons and Dragons with the ecological wastelands of Mad Max, complete with Spurrier’s unmistakable flair for clever dialogue and a surly hero whose intentions are often just as bad as his attitude. Bergara in particular does stunning color work; the world of Coda feels warm and vibrant and weirdly inviting despite the circumstances, and remains engaging even in its gruesome moments.

STL092921.jpeg This week, the first four issues of Coda are collected into a comic-shop-exclusive “Discover Now” trade paperback edition. As with runaway hits Fence and Mech Cadet Yu before it, Coda’s Discover Now trade paperback is intended to bring curious new readers up to speed with the ongoing series; Coda #5 hits stores this Wednesday as well, providing the perfect bridge to reading the series monthly.

To celebrate Coda Vol. 1’s release in comic stores this Wednesday, we’ve partnered with BOOM! Studios for a giveaway. Two winners will each receive a paperback copy of the book. To enter the giveaway, follow @PasteBooks on Twitter and retweet the contest tweet by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, September 21st. You must have a U.S. address to enter. We’ll announce the winners via Twitter on Friday evening—good luck!