Ranking Marvel's New Star Wars Comics

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Ranking Marvel's New <i>Star Wars</i> Comics

Over the course of eight comics ranging from miniseries to monthlies, the most surprising observation of Marvel’s 2014 Star Wars rollout is how steady it has remained. Some projects have pleased more than others—but nothing has been outright bad, which certainly can’t be said for previous comics set in George Lucas’ cosmic canvas.

The writers and artists behind these comics have their work cut out for them—produce stories engaging enough to turn heads and empty wallets, but also benign enough to preserve movie canon solidified more than 30 years ago. Be big and small at the same time, which is no easy feat. Marvel made the right decision by putting writers who can straddle pop culture whimsy and literary mindfodder in equal turn. Jason Aaron has nailed hyper-violent Native American crime sagas (Scalped) and a jubilant Thor with equal intelligence; his run on the titular Star Wars has remained a high point of Force philosophy and intergalactic buccaneer escapism. The same for Kieron Gillen, Mark Waid, Charles Soule and the rest of the Jedi churning out extended universe gold. The art follows that same high bar, with Phil Noto’s photorealistic, bright art serving as a continual high point.

With Poe Dameron hitting stands this week from the creative team of Charles Soule and Noto, see what other Star Wars comics should keep you immersed in sci-fi’s most enduring mythos.