State of the Art: Leslie Hung Draws Lottie from Snotgirl

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State of the Art: Leslie Hung Draws Lottie from <i>Snotgirl</i>

The great conundrum of comics press and criticism is that way too many of us struggle to talk about—or at least to fully and vibrantly capture—the artistic side of comics, which is what makes comics, well, comics. We can endlessly debate continuity, criticize character choices, pick apart plotting, but how many of us offer the artistic component the attention it deserves? How many of us cut deeper than comparing one artist to another, or trying to force into insufficient words how we respond to style and basic storytelling choices?

State of the Art is a video series produced in cooperation with Image Comics that shows artists at work as they discuss their series, their artistic journeys, their work process and more, all as we witness one of their characters come to life. This week, we look over the shoulder of Leslie Hung, co-creator (alongside Bryan Lee O’Malley) of Snotgirl, a series that defies easy summary. From dunking on Los Angeles “influencer” superficiality to investigating vengeful ghosts, Snotgirl has a little bit of everything. Snotgirl #13 hits stores and digital retailers March 27th—to tide you over, check out video of Hung drawing Lottie, Snotgirl’s titular allergy-plagued protagonist, below, and be sure to follow throughout the coming months as we feature other Image Comics favorites on State of the Art.

Snotgirl #13

Writer: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Artist: Leslie Hung
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: March 27, 2019
The big day is finally here—Lottie and Esther are launching their fashion line! But why is everyone being so annoying? Today of all days! Don’t they know how important this is to her?!