The Best Comic Book Covers of April 2016

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The Best Comic Book Covers of April 2016

Since December 21st, each day has stretched an additional 60 seconds longer, bulwarking a winter that was mild, if still categorically a shitty, cold winter. We’re roughly a month into spring, and for some of us, the sun graces our skin well past 8 PM.

But in the world of comics, darkness still reigns. Our favorite covers revel in black fills and gradients, characters outlined against the obsidian murk. Bill Sienkiewicz returns to Daredevil defined in insidious blacks and reds, Simon Bisley takes Conan underground for some reptile-vs-barbarian action and Simon Hanselmann tosses his interspecies burnout lovers Megg and Mogg into a literal cesspool, a gorgeous complement to their messy, drugs-and-debauchery fueled ennui.

It’s an interesting contrast to September’s cover lineup (which also featured an Ian Bertram standout), when artists opted for bright, vibrant palettes, despite the encroaching darkness outside.