The Best Comic Book Covers of December 2015

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The Best Comic Book Covers of December 2015

Let’s officially call December the month of comic book characters glaring seductively or menacingly (maybe both!?) from their covers. If eyes are the windows to the soul, some unknowable pagan demon bought them wholesale when these vigilantes were toddlers, leaving a seething husk of animosity and testosterone in the void.

Diego Latorre’s multimedia cover for Batman: Europa #3 proves especially evocative, the Dark Knight born of the Eiffel Tower’s girders and beams. That industrial aesthetic contrasts directly with a chest symbol composed of very organic, asymmetrical teeth and to the point above, a gaze that could freeze a 300-lb UFC fighter in the middle of the road. Wes Craig’s Deadly Class illustration, Nick Dragotta’s East of West (anyone else getting an Apocalypse Now vibe?) art and Tula Lotay’s Slash & Burn piece follow suit. These center-frame rebels not only scoff at your friendship, they also (mostly) reject the Rule of Thirds, too.

Ryan Sook’s Superman American Alien shifts the formula slightly, adding a degree of hurt, disillusionment and frustration that only the tears of a teenager could articulate—even if that teenager is a near-omnipotent alien who apparently had a run-in with the law. Gorgeous offerings from David Aja, David Mack and a laugh-out-loud Amanda Conner spoof round out our favorite comic covers this month.