The Best Comic Book Covers of June 2015

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The Best Comic Book Covers of June 2015

As we’ve all finally adjusted to the great spring thaw of 2015, a new summer of boundless energy and late-setting suns approaches. Appropriately, the month of June brims with kinetic cover art to embrace a season of restlessness and movement. From the first issue of Lee Bermejo’s We Are…Robin! to Amanda Conner’s lively homage in Harley Quinn #19 and Rafael Albuquerque’s ei8ght #5, this art features characters in the exaggerated poses stylistically defined by veterans like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr. Another interesting visual aspect of the covers is that the motion flows from the top-right corner to the bottom-left, contradicting the conventional (American/European) design to read visual information from left to right. Cognitive dissonance at its best. Annie Wu, Eric Powell and Declan Shalvey also show diagonal action—leading from top left to bottom right—in Black Canary, Big Man Plans and Groot.


On the portrait front, Robbi Rodriguez, Chip Zdarsky and ACO all convey loads of personality in their offerings, creating drama by framing their images from a lower perspective for Spider-Gwen, Sex Criminals and Midnighter.