The Best Comic Book Covers of November 2015

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The Best Comic Book Covers of November 2015

November traditionally marks the time of the year when the fair Fall winds descend into absurdly frigid temperatures, making us all wish we could crawl back into some proverbial maternal womb because the world is cold and terrible and Freud was right. Thanks to Global Warming and/or some El Nino action, that’s not the case this year! It’s pretty damn warm outside. (This applies less to the West Coasters, but you have more yoga studios and celebrity impersonators, so I think we break even.)

Fittingly, many of our favorite covers also channel the Indian Summer vibes with illustrations warm and lively. Karl Kerschl’s Gotham Academy #12 cover features protagonist Olive engulfed by a flaming sunset of hair, and Rafael Albuquerque’s first Huck cover frames the titular hero at perfect peace in a cascade of rural rays. R.M. Guera, Sean Murphy and Tyler Crook also pay final respects to a sun slowly escaping to the other side of the earth.

Conversely, Juan Ferreyra (who lives in Argentina, mind you) has no problem depicting a premature winter—and some terrifying pigeons—for Declan Thomas in Colder: Toss the Bones. And don’t get us started on Dom Reardon’s snowy, Helsinki-set art for Warren Ellis’ new James Bond: 007. We’re not there yet. This isn’t happening.

Let us know your favorite covers of the month in the comments.