The Best Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con, Day I

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The Best Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con, Day I

Last weekend, approximately 150,000 con attendees marched through San Diego Convention Center, many of them clad in polyester capes and plastic armor. Really: we haven’t seen any stats, but SDCC is slowly evolving into a pop culture tailoring seminar in addition to the usual buffet of comics, TV, movies, videogames and Hall-H sidewalk camping demos. Most photo requests were followed by the business cards of aspiring costume-smiths.

As far as inspiration goes, the Disney princesses fell short of last year’s royal benchmark, though Deadpool continues to pursue tacos in a pretty damn great city for tacos. The Harley Quinns dangerously outnumbered the Jokers, and Pokemon trainers and their captives roamed the streets as the cast from Overwatch proved far more cooperative than their reputation.

Check out our favorite cosplayers from the first day of SDCC, and check back every day for more costumes from the biggest pop culture convention in America.