The Joker Argues with Harley Quinn in Set Videos for Suicide Squad

Comics Video The Joker
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A lover’s quarrel can be a touchy subject when it comes to settling who’s the dominant decision-maker in the relationship. For the Joker and girlfriend Harley Quinn, an argument means a bit of gun-pointing coupled with threats of suicide and the death of an innocent pedestrian. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is already gearing up to be a major theatrical release with its multitude of DC comic book villains. This marks the first video preview from the set. Granted, both videos were recorded from far away. Still, we’ll take this first look over nothing.

The videos seems to be of a flashback sequence. In the clips, Margot Robbie’s Harley looks rather unlike herself, dressed in casual clothing with large round spectacles. Her look indicates a throwback to her days when she was still known as Harleen Quinzel. The Joker is already donning his glowing green hair but there doesn’t appear to be a tattoo on his forehead, which is either confirming rumors that his character isn’t as fond of ink as we thought or that the scene takes place before his first face tat. Either way, their relationship looked complicated from the beginning. It’s one poor bystander’s misfortune that he happened to be there when this scuffle went down.

Watch the scene in the videos below and check out the photos from the set. We’ll keep you updated as more news arrives from the Suicide Squad set.