The Universe's Boyfriend, Poe Dameron, is Getting a Comic Book

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Marvel really knows what people want. I mean other than Ant Man, obviously.

The comics giant is now bringing Poe Dameron, star of that small holiday break-out hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to the page with his own series. Come April, fans will get a look at the X-wing pilot’s backstory leading up to The Force Awakens with Star Wars: Poe Dameron, written by Charles Soule (Star Wars: Lando) and drawn by Phil Noto (Star Wars: Chewbacca).

The comics will take a look at Dameron as a character, taking him through the Star Wars galaxy to meet a number of characters, new and old, and give more depth to the franchise’s latest iteration. Oscar Isaac’s character made quite a stir on the internet when the film came out in December, as many began to speculate that he could be the first gay/queer protagonist in the Star Wars universe. This comic has the opportunity to expand on what has so far only been theories and rumors.

Of course, Noto and Soule both know what’s really important regarding looks and cameos. According to USA Today :

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1 Cover Art by Phil Noto