Tintin Mourns The Attacks On His Hometown, Brussels

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Tintin Mourns The Attacks On His Hometown, Brussels

In times of tragedy, a picture is often the most effective way to sum up the emotional response. It happened after the Paris attacks in November, and it’s happening again today in the wake of the explosions in Brussels that claimed several dozen lives. A response of hope and community has arrived most notably through the guise of cartoon character Tintin.

Tintin is something of a national hero in Belgium, a creation of Brussels cartoonist Hergé in 1929. The image of him running alongside his dog, Snowy, has become an internationally recognized icon. So when the Belgian capital came under attack this morning, it seemed fitting for the fictional investigative journalist to respond with shock and tears of grief. Images of a crying Tintin have made the rounds on social media, becoming a rallying symbol for the embattled city and the legions of supporters it’s received on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the Internet.

A number of other pictures have gone viral, too, most notably a drawing of a crying anthropomorphic French flag with its arm around a crying anthropomorphic Belgian flag. In the gallery we’ve gathered, you’ll also find a repurposed Burger King ad in which fries are giving the finger and a number of depictions of Brussels’ famous Manneken Pis statue urinating on terrorism.