Humanity’s Darkest Impulses are Unleashed in This Extended Resonant Preview From Vault Comics

Plus an Exclusive Statement From Writer David Andry

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Humanity&#8217;s Darkest Impulses are Unleashed in This Extended <i>Resonant</i> Preview From Vault Comics

While it’s tempting to compare Resonant to Bird Box, Josh Malerman’s well-received novel made famous by a widely meme’d Netflix adaptation, writer David Andry and artist Alejandro Aragon’s upcoming Vault Comics series taps into themes explored throughout horror’s long legacy. Inspired by Andry’s own experiences with the “Call of the Void,” which he explains below, Resonant takes place a decade after the first “Wave” his, unleashing humanity’s darkest, most destructive impulses. Protagonist Paxton is a single father of three, who not only must keep his family safe in an apocalyptic scenario, but must also occasionally venture out into parts unknown to obtain the medicine his chronically ill youngest child needs to survive.

With Resonant hitting comic shelves and digital retailers next month, Paste is thrilled to share an exclusive look at interior artwork from Aragon and colorist Jason Wordie. We’ve also got a creator statement from Andry, explaining the genesis of the book and his own path toward becoming a comics writer. Resonant #1 goes on sale July 17th from Vault Comics.


Writer David Andry:

If you want to make comics, make comics.

My years volunteering at the Skybound booth, selling amazing comics, gave me the opportunity to interact with dozens of wonderful creators, who all seemed to give this same advice. And sure, I’d written comics, but I’d never made comics. It all seemed impossible, too big, too foreign. Start small they said, tell a personal story. So I started doing. Small and intimate at first, focusing on characters, relationships and love, worry and joy. Letting my stories grow as my skill and confidence increased.

Five years later, I’m ready to unleash Resonant, a tale, at its heart, of a man trying to get back to his kids. But things are never simple. The genesis of Resonant is likewise a long and strange journey. It started while I was in college. I was leaning out over a third floor balcony waiting for class to start. I thought about jumping. More accurately, I was worried that if I didn’t step back, I would jump. Pre-Google and worried that if I talked to anyone about this impulse, they’d think I was crazy, I sat with this heavy on my mind for a long time. As a writer, I wanted to use it. Later, I found out that it was a fairly common urge called High Place Phenomenon or the Call of the Void. For nearly 20 years, the idea germinated in my brain, unable to find fertile soil in which to grow. And then, one afternoon doing the dishes, the world of Resonant sprouted, fully formed. Everyone would follow their Call of the Void. Everyone, all at the same time.

Ideas aren’t stories. I put myself in that world—what would be the worst thing, the worst situation I could be in? Separated from those I love. No, make it worse. As a physical therapist, I’ve spent years caring for people with injuries and limited function. There was my ticking clock, someone was sick, someone needed help, I needed to get back now! And I had it, Odysseus under a time crunch. A journey of desperation in a world of madness. A struggle of survival when you are all alone. Not just for the one on the journey, but for the ones left behind. Hands dripping with soapy water, I rushed to my computer. But I hadn’t needed to rush. Paxton, Bec, Ty and Stef were with me, part of me that I couldn’t forget if I tried. Their story was as small and intimate as the first thing I’d written, it was still about love and doubt, about relationships and family. About connection and what we’ll go through to keep those we care about safe.

Resonant #1 Cover Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1

Writer: David Andry
Artist: Alejandro Aragon
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Designer: Tim Daniel
Release Date: July 17, 2019
A decade has passed since the first Waves hit, unleashing humanity’s darkest impulses and plunging the world into chaos. Paxton, a single father of three, must venture from the secluded haven they’ve built to restock the medicine his chronically-ill youngest son needs to survive. When the somewhat routine trip goes awry, Paxton and his children-now separated-will battle everything in their path to reunite.

Resonant #1 Variant Cover Art by Nathan Gooden & Tim Daniel

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

Resonant #1 Interior Art by Alejandro Aragon & Jason Wordie

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