15 Stamp Designs that Stick

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15 Stamp Designs that Stick

When it comes to mail, we usually think about what’s on the inside, whether it’s a paycheck, bill we’re dreading or package that we’ve been looking forward to for days. However, the exterior of mail is just as important, and without stamps, those precious letters would never reach your mailbox.

In addition to proving that you’ve paid a postage fee, stamps are canvases for incredible design on a tiny scale. We’re all too familiar with the regular bald eagle stamp or the designs commemorating holidays and anniversaries, but stamps are a great opportunity for small doses of innovation. As a means of honoring the potential that stamps hold, we’ve collected 15 of our favorite stamp designs.

Flip through the gallery above and see which stamp designs made a lasting impression on us.

1. Eric R. Mortensen, Space Animal Stamp Series – Laika. 2. Greg Christman, Philthy. 3. Matt Chase, Vanity Fair. 4.Emir Ayouni, Stamp (Album Artwork Draft). 5. Joe White, The Alchemist. 6. Jessica Yeo, stamps. 7. Nick Slater, Neutral Ground Stamp. 8. Artua, Jeep stamp. 9. Tymn Armstrong, Stamps. 10. Lydia Nichols, self-portrait stamp. 11. Martin Azambuja, Mundo Flora II. 12. Jonas, Stamp Set. 13. Josh White, Bermuda Triangle stamps. 14. David Cran, Legal Marijuana. 15. Fuzzco, Coming Soon.

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