25 Frames to up Your Eyewear Game

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Geek style has risen to the top, and it’s taken glasses with it. Maybe even the most important accessory, glasses have always been a symbol of smarts, whether it’s that you’re a staple on the dean’s list or just a lover of all things nerdy. And lately, they’ve gotten a literal facelift.

No longer do you have to begrudgingly pick a pair on the way out of the optometrist, or scramble through broken frames at the thrift store—companies like Warby Parker and Lookmatic are redefining how we think about our next pair. They’ve, ahem, focused the concept, making both the brand and buying process an experience. Not to mention many companies cutting out the middle man also cuts prices in half. But the best part? The frames themselves are boasting creative, original styles. After all, after sitting on your face all day, they have a way of defining you.

That’s why we’ve dusted off our lens and searched the web to round up 25 of the best new frames. You can take a peek in the gallery above.