5 Things You Can Upgrade With a Paint Sample

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5 Things You Can Upgrade With a Paint Sample

Get a sample for your bedroom that you hate on the walls? Don’t toss it just yet. We have some on-trend ideas for putting the pretty shade to good use elsewhere.

1. Window Frames

WINDOW.jpg Photo via Instagram.com/dominomag

Draw attention to a pretty view outdoors with a bright hue.

2. Chair Legs

CHAIR.jpg Photo via Instagram.com/mydomaine

Spruce up a curbside or thrift store find by giving chair legs a brighter outlook.

3. Table Legs

TABLE.jpg Photo via Instagram.com/apartamento507

Turn a plain table into the room’s focal point.

4. Bookshelf Backs

BOOKSHELF.jpg Photo via Instagram.com/lonnymag

Provide a little dash of color on the back of bookshelves or on the wall behind shelves.

5. Bookshelf Edges

SHELVES.jpg Photo via Instagram.com/allthingssunshiney

Put color front and center with even a smaller pot of paint.