A Look Inside Antique Mechanical Calculators

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A Look Inside Antique Mechanical Calculators

We continue to find ways to condense technology into smaller containers, recent examples including the MacBook Air and the mysterious case of the bendable iPhone 6. In San Francisco photographer Kevin Twomey’s series “Calculators” and “Low Tech,” he captures the innards of calculating beasts 50 to 60 years old. The staging and lighting focus in on hundreds of gleaming metal bits, showcasing the intricacy of each moving part.

The calculators belong to avid collector Mark Glusker. His collection consists of devices made in 1951, the year the first electronic calculator was introduced, through 1961, the year that the mechanical calculator was retired by manufacturers. “Everything took so much more time back then, but they lasted way longer than things do today,” Twomey tells Wired. “There are some mechanical calculators that still work decades later, whereas your iPhone has to be thrown out after three years.”

Check out Twomey’s beautiful photographs in the gallery above, and find more of his work on his website.
via Wired